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Boekenset 2 met 4 boeken


Book set 2 with 4 books

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There are 3 books in this set:

- Insulation - Moisture & Construction buttons

- Apartments-Damage and consequences

- Moisture control by 2021

- Handbook | Waterproofing, moisture & condensation problems (French edition 1.4)

Order these 3 books and get the French edition 1.4 for a bargain price.

With this set you have the necessary knowledge regarding moisture, insulation and apartments.

In this set:

- Insulation - Moisture & Construction buttons: This 400-page handbook describes simple insulation solutions for renovation, new construction, timber frame construction or industrial construction, taking into account the physical properties, moisture production and moisture transport throughout the building.

- Apartments Damage and consequences: Moisture migration in an apartment building has physical consequences, which can cause extensive damage to other residents or properties. We will discuss this further in this book.

- Moisture control by 2021: This book describes how to best deal with a moisture problem.

- Handbook | Waterproofing, moisture and condensation problems (French edition 1.4): This is a practical guide with which you can read and understand the various problems with waterproofing, moisture and condensation problems.

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