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PCI Apoten PU


PCI Apoten PU

PUR Sealing layer.

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PUR seal for chemically and mechanically loaded industrial floors.

Very durable, resistant to medium to heavy mechanical load.
Lightly fluent, fast and simple application. Good adhesion on the suitable substrates and therefore long service life.
Solvent free, no pollution of the environment and the processor due to harmful fumes, no fire or explosion hazard.
Silicone-free and low-emission. Chemically resistant, for example against acids, alkalis, oils and greases.
This product can be used for indoor and outdoor use. For making wear-resistant and chemically taxable coatings in industrial buildings with different applications.
Crack bridging, smooth overlay on cementitious substrates and poured asphalt.
PCI Apoten PU can be filled with quartz sand in the ratio 1: 0.3.
Consumption: 1.45 kg PCI Apoten PU / m² and mm layer thicknesses.

More Information
Sub Title PUR Sealing layer.
Meta Title PCI Apoten PU
Consumption 1,45 kg PCI Apoten PU / m² and mm layer thicknesses
Color Pebble grey and Stone grey
Weight 24,60 kg, 5,40 kg, 30 kg
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